Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How is GD doing?

After posting so much about how GM is doing I realized I hadnt shared much on how GD is. Well he is six, almost seven; which is a hard year for my boys. I remember GM having some spirited times during this age and really exhausting me through it. Well, GD, being spirited by nature, is no exception. He is so tender and sweet. I remember when he was born the first word that came to mind was tender, he has a tender heart, tender eyes, and a tender spirit. He is still very much a little guy, very much still living in that dreamy 5-6 year old world. I see him waking up and connecting with us more and more often. He loves to snuggle and to be held or even carried around the house from time to time. He is light, so I dont mind at all. Seeing how fast GM grew to a size where lifting him is simply not possible, I remember how short these days are and love that he still wants to feel that sense of support and care.

This year GD has decided to read more and more. He is an instinctual reader and has been reading about a book a day for some time now. Small books, but none the less he does it, and of his own will too. He has an enormous imagination, I know exactly where he gets it from too. He will sit and fill a 20-3- page journal in an afternoon filled with a story he drew out in picture form. His mind follows a stream of consciousness style and his stories just evolve and grow the longer he sits there. Where as GM has a vision of the finished idea and fills in until he reaches it, GD will just start with a figure on a page and allow the figure to take him on a long and winding journey. It is fun to watch and I try to support him in it as much as possible. although itmakes times of focus more difficult, I try to remember that the skills that make a child challenging can often be the very keys to their individual success. Gavin wants to tell stories, they live in him and at this tender age he cant differentiate between himself and the stories. They are one. Sometimes I wonder if I should try to pull him out of it, but my heart says to let him enjoy it while he still can. He is waking a little, as I said earlier, but I am trying to support his creativity and his imaginary world as much as possible. Using the Enki and Christopherus approaches to lessons are perfect for him. He gets to express his creativity and use that strength to begin learning about the world and things like math or writing. He is quite happy with it. Since starting this style of living, he has become an eager learner, often asking for more or persuing it on his own. This is the exact place I wanthim to be at, developing that appetite for learning, and feeling the confidence to persue it, even on his own.

His challenges right now are with mischief. Gm was never really mischevious, however GD has that streak in him and loves to be the trickster. He requires a closer eye and is easy to allow too much room. He is strongly affected by images and media too. Where GM doesnt really care about tv or movies so much, GD is drawn to them. So I have to monitor his time more closely. The other challenge with GD is that tender heart. He can be so easily crushed by the world and takes everything to heart. We are a lot alike in that way. I treasure him, as any Mother should, but he is such a soul connection for me. I see a lot of myself in him. It is so funny to see bits of your own personality coming out in a boy child who looks just like my husband. Although, Im pretty sure I listened better when I was 6. The not listening thing is just killing me!! :-)

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