Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sick again!!

Ugh!! We are sick again! It seems we have just been hit by everything going around this winter. I guess that isnt true, but it sure feels like it. Yesterday we were supposed to go to science club and then have our roots & shoots meeting. I had everything all planned out for the meeting, supplies gathered, cookies baked, lunch packed and the car loaded, and then, the boys woke up. One with a fever and the other with a cough. It figures when Im all set to go without the frantic mayhem, we arent going anywhere! Actually, we went to science club because I couldnt get in touch with everyone to cancel Roots & Shoots, also I was set to help with the little kids area. Luckily once we got there we realized that a lot of people were sick. I let GM hang out and do the unit on the solar system because it is one of his favorite topics. He had a good time, and made a really cool solar system model.

Today we are home, and I have tried to reschedule R&S for Friday. We missed our science museum class, which is a bummer, but we need to focus on getting better today. I must admit I love sick days. Not the throwing-up fever hell sort of sick days, but the snuggle up together in bed and watch movies all day kind of sick days. We eat strawberries and drink orange juice and just hang out together. Its like a little snuggle vacation.

I have gotten to use some of our home time to play with my itunes and look for new music. Its so fun to find something you really like, and never knew about! I made the mistake of asking my step-father to do grammy predictions, Holy cow there are a LOT of categories! I need to go through them and pick my winners. I wonder if I will get the Polka category right??