Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic Fever!

I fully admit it! I am an Olympic Junkie! I basically binge on it for the entire run and drop out of society. I love the passion, the drama, the nationalism, the excitement and heartache. I am so inspired by the athletes and their drive. I love that they are regular people who work at your local grocery store, or Home Depot. I cry a lot and I scream WAY too much. The opening ceremonies get me everytime, all those athletes filled with hope and inspiration! Im an addict, I love the Winter Olympics most of all. This is probably because of the skating and the passion my Mother's family had for it throughout my life. I love the skiing, the speed skating, the luge. I just cant wait!!! Last night we watched a show called Building the Olympics, about how they built the ski jump in Torino, the deadline and the cooperative work of so many people. It was so cool. I will be looking for more of those shows on my DVR. Super Cool!!!

One day I will get to go. Maybe when the kids are a lot older and we become strangely wealthy, but one day I will get to be there with my big winter hat and scarf and crazy noise maker, hooting and hollering with people from all over the world who dont speak my language and dont care. We will all feel that same excitement and passion together, before getting back on the plane and flying back to our regular lives!!!

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