Thursday, March 02, 2006

Break Days, and Happy Birthday Kip!

With such a busy Monday and Tuesday, we have decided to take a little break for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. So no lessons this week. This doesnt mean no learning, just that we are taking a little break from the formal lessons part. We havent had a three day break since the beginning of January, so we are tired and ready for some relaxed days. I think it is from working so hard on the weekend, we havent been getting that simple time in our days.

Tuesday we went to our Science Class at the local museum and with the weather being so nice, the kids and I decided to head to the zoo for lunch and to visit the animals on one of the first really warm days of the year. It turned out to be a nice relaxing afternoon, and we each got to visit the animals we like without feeling rushed or distracted. Although tiring, it was a great idea and Im glad we did it.

Wednesday we just stayed home and sort of relaxed a bit. The kids hung out and I tried to get some things done around the house, although quite unsuccessfully. I have no idea what I did, but somehow the evening came and it seemed nothing was done. :-) That often happens to me.

This was also my step-father's birthday! I hope he had a great day and that he doesnt get mad at our day late phone call of well-wishes. I was foolishly trying to wait until after dinner at Grandma's house and of course when we got home I forgot. When will I learn, a message on the answering machine is better than no call even with the best of intentions!!! I even made him a nice birthday mix cd, and of course didnt mail it. At some point my intention and my ability will come together and I will be a pretty cool person. For now though Im mainly a well-intentioned flake.

On a better, less flakey note, we are all set to start our training (GM and I) at the Natural History Museum. GM is going to work in the Naturalist Center (with me) as a volunteer guide. He will help talk to families who come in and want to learn about the animals and various experiments in the center. We have been wanting to start this since August, but finding coordination between the center and our babysitting needs was difficult. However, we are set now and should start next week. This will be really cool for GM and it is something he is really looking forward too. When in college I studied Anthropology and African Art, and my intention was to work with museums on improving opportunities for children to participate in museums and to develop programs to expand the educational outreach of museums. Back then, a docent led tour was about it. Now things have really improved, museums are doing more and more to really touch and connect the museum experience with children. This is one example. Homeschooled kids who are over 7 can become volunteers in the museum. This is the first step in a long line of opportunities the museum offers children to be involved. Im thrilled for GM to be a part of it. Eventually GD will do it too, but he is not mature enough nor interested at this time.

Today I believe I will try to get the house together (again) and build my little greenhouse. That will help our weekend to be more productive and hopefully we will be able to get the garden beds and chicken area done. That would be HUGE!!!

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