Friday, February 03, 2006

Weekly Wrap-Up and Enki...

Well another week has flown on by, its wild how fast the days are going lately!!

This week we had our Science Class at a local science museum. GM and GD really love it. The classes are really good (even taught by previous homeschooling parents) and it seems (so far) that all the kids there are really wanting to be there. GD loves being in his own little group with kids his age (roughly) and doing all the fun science experiments, and GM is just excited to be in a "real lab" doing "real science". We were able to stay after a bit and let the kids play at the museum for a while before heading over to a friend's house for the rest of the afternoon. All three kids had a blast and came home for a quiet night. I think we were all tired from our busy couple of days.

Back to regular lessons Wednesday, Thursday and Friday though. The kids did great falling back into our rhythm and flew through their work. GM did a lot of math today (he was in the mood) and GD was THRILLED to read his new Penguin book he got last week. We read a great Jakata Tale called The Fairy and the Hare, which they both really enjoyed and switched from lap harps to xylophone just to keep our interest up. I think we will do two weeks of each and switch. It helps them feel energized when we pick it up again. We are back to starting with our yoga, and the boys, although a little silly today, were happy with it.

GREAT NEWS: Beth Sutton and her family are able to get back on track and continue releasing materials for the Enki Program. Im so happy to hear things are back up and running and Im really looking forward to seeing some of the new materials. GD is now flowing into 1st grade work and Beth will be releasing the rest of the first grade materials just in time. I do not have her First Grade Fairy Tales Book only because we have a large library of fairy tales already, and I have some strange aversion to stories all coming from one source. I like the different writing styles and flavor of hearing stories from different authors. Im not a storyteller, and dont memorize my stories to be told from me directly. I knew right away that would be a flop!!! So anyway, Im happy about the news and will be following the progress closely. They will also start the telephone discussion group once a month, to talk about how things are and ask questions we may be having. Im looking forward to it.

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