Friday, February 03, 2006

My iPod

Okay, I realize Im about three years behind the ball on this one, but WOW!!!!!!!! I have to actually do an entire entry just on my iPod because I love it THAT much! I didnt even want one, I thought it was silly for me to have something that would make me unable to hear with three kids running around the house. Boy was I wrong! First off, I dont have it really loud unless the youngest is napping and the boys are occupied in a safe way (legos, watching a movie...). It has CHANGED MY LIFE! I know, Im a spaz, but I am serious. Imagine having a soundtrack to your life. That is what it is. I have playlists for morning coffee, for gardening (working on this one) for cleaning the house (the best one) and just different genres or styles I like. The best part is that I love a LOT of different styles of music. I cant even think of one that there isnt an artist I really enjoy who would be categorized in that style. So, I can have them all together, all playing my favorite songs, when and wherever I want!!

I actually have a clean house, and it is truly thanks to my ipod. I whip through the house without even thinking about it. I love it! I have songs that get me moving ans songs that make me want to sing (scary) and songs that make me think. Of course having an itunes account is helpful. I use them a lot, although I also like MusicMatch and Real Player. When looking for different things, they each have tiehr place. I think MusicMatch does a great job of helping you find related artists, they make it easy with the toolbar right on the front page. I have found MANY new favorites through them.

What can I say, Im obsessed! If you dont have one, GET ONE!! BORROW one from someoen just to see what it feels like. I think I would have a melt down if something happened to mine. In fact I love it so much that my husband got one for himself after witnessing how much it has helped me. He uses it when he is working on the car, or doing household projects. It keeps you moving, happy and motivated. Its like a drug!! I will be getting the little adapter so I can listen in my car, which will then completely surround me with music I love. Im so psyched!!

Okay, on to music choices, below are artists with links to their public sites, also be sure to check for free downloads from a majority of these artists myspace sites. The address would be @##@## add in the artist name at the end there. for example

Currently playing in my ipod, and within my playlists we have...

A.J. Croce: Yes the son of Jim Croce, fantastic music with a distinctive style. I prefer his older stuff.
Aaron Bowen: San Diego Singer/Songwriter
Aimee Mann
Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder
Alicia Keys
Amanda Marshall
Andrew Foshee: Check out "Photo"
Ani DeFranco
Animal Liberation Orchestra
Anna Nalick
Anya Marina
Bacon Brothers
The Barenaked Ladies
The Beautiful Girls
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Ben Harper
Beth Preston: Terrific
Beyonce: to get the booty moving
Billy Joel
Black Eyed Peas: Again to get the booty movin
Brandi Carlile: Holy Crap!!! Check out her live Hallelujah
Bushwalla: San Diego artist, I ordered his disk from him via email, very nice guy
Carla Bruni
Carole King: Because my mother raised me right.
The Chieftains
Chris Bryan
Damien Rice: It doesnt get much better
Danya River
Dave Matthews Band
Death Cab For Cutie
Del Castillo: Because my step-father has good taste, think texas gypsy kings
Diana Krall
Donovan Frankenreiter
Edie Brickell: love her
Eels: too fun
Elvis Costello
Emily Brown: unsigned 16 year old phenom out of san diego
Eric Clapton
Erykah Badu
Fiona Apple: I love Extraordinary Machine
Five for Fighting
Foo Fighters
Gorillaz: so creative!
Green Day
Gregory Page: Awesome and original for today
Harry Connick Jr.: I mean is there any need for explanation??
Indigo Girls: No better harmonies out there!
Jack Johnson: Lets just say he is the person I would want to srite the soundtrack to my life!
James Blunt
Jamie Cullum
Jane: From San Diego
JAson Mraz
Joan Osbourne
John Butler Trio: Zebra is simply one of the best songs ever! So fun to dance too!!
John Legend
John Mayer
Johnny Cash: An old favorite
Joni Mitchell: because she is essential to me
Joss Stone
k.d. Lang: Wow to sing like that must be amazing
kanye west
kate earl
keren ann
K.T tunstall
Laura Nyro: From my step-fathers collection (cant decide if her voice is really good, or really bad). :-)
Lisa Hannigan
Lucinda Williams: Thanks Limpy for the reminder!
Lyle Lovett: Much Respect!!
Madeleine Peyroux: timeless
Mandy Patinkin: Loving him for years, thanks again to my step-father
Marc Broussard
Marty Casey: Okay I loved that show!
Mary Dolan: Corona is perfect for us mothers
Matt Wertz
Michelle Shocked: I have everything of hers, just wonderful
Missy elliot: WOW, she oozes talent
Missy Higgins: She can belt out a tune!
Natalie Merchant
Nellie McKay: so many great songs, and a pure voice
Nickel Creek: recent fav!!
No Doubt: pretty much sums up my generation, they were GREAT before they were big, bring back the ska!!
Norah Jones
Soundracks from Northern Exposure
Ottmar Liebert
Patty Griffin
Paul Simon: To go into his brain would be quite an experience
Pink: amazing voice on Missundaztood
Postal Service: I love the version of Such Great Heights, live with Jane
Ray Charles
Rebekah del Rio: again, my step-father! Boy she is terrific, really good for driving through the desert
Rickie Lee Jones: Makes me think of Little Darlings everytime!
Shawn Mullins
Shelby Lynne: I like Telephone
sheryl crow: not a huge fan, but enjoy a song or two
tim Bluhm
Tim Moyer
Tim Mudd
Todd Hannigan
Todd Snider
Tom Waits
Tracy Chapman
Trevor Davis
Tristan Prettyman; Edie Brickell for 2005
Van Morrison: Again, Mama raised me right
White Stripes: So many great songs to get you moving, and great lyrical style

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limpy99 said...

Some good musical choices. Try Lucinda Williams. Or The Supersuckers. Don't mind me, I just cruise the net promoting my musical tastes in a desperate attempt to overthrow American Idol.