Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mon/Tues Homeschool Log

Monday was a busy day for us. We got up and headed over to the Planetarium to participate in a show as the final part of a three week series our Science Club did. The boys liked it a lot and ME was sure to sing her "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" as the show began. We didnt get to stay and play around because we had to head over to the Nature Center to prepare for our Roots & Shoots meeting. We started by learning about keeping a Nature Journal and how to record things we find while we are hiking. We then started off on a short but fun hike to find some birds and make some entries into our journals. We collected leaves and did bark rubbings as well as spotting a few nice birds. We saw a crow, some Canadian Geese, a couple Roadrunners, several that we didnt know the names of, some ducks and an American Coot. The kids played around in the Nature Center's education building and then we were able to present our Recycling Bins to the Superintendent of the State Park. Pictures and all.

I was really tired in the afternoon and just read some books from my Enki stuff. We are going to start a monthly conference call and I want to read up on things so I can take advantage and ask questions on things I need clarification on. I am also reading Donna Simmon's new Unit study on Saints and Heroes, its a fantastic unit for my oldest son, and since I know nothing of Saints I thought it would be good to look for help. The study is not a religious study, but one about normal people who have risen under extraordinary circumstances. There are figures from multiple religious backgrounds or lore. Also there are some historical figures who I guess would fall into the Heroes category. Anyhow it is very well written, easy to follow and something Im looking forward to starting with the boys this week. Im just reading through to see who I want to start with.

Tuesday was another busy day for us. GM decided yest that he wanted to come back to the Nature Center today because most of the kids didnt want to hike the full trail.
So, we headed out for Science Class at the science museum where GD did Camouflage and GM did Electricity. We then visited with some people and let the kids play a bit before the four of us went on a two hour hike through the Bosque. It was WONDERFUL!!! These are the times I get all sappy about how much I love homeschooling. I love just strolling at our own pace and allowing the kids to freely explore without feeling rushed or pulled in different directions. ME was such a trooper and found a lot of great things to show me. We played on some logs that the beavers have brought down and found bark beetle trails, birds, the river, a lot of leaves for GM's leaf book he decided to start, as well as lots of various seed pods. It was a beautiful day at about 58 degrees and some slight wind. We had a really good time. Finally getting home at about 2:30 we settled into some quiet time. I am typing this up now while my husband and his buddy are outside with the backhoe loading up one of those big dumpsters you can rent to get rid of debris. It is sooooo loud!!

I think I will go and start the kid's dinner and continue reading my books and thinking about who I want to start with tomorrow from Donna's book.

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