Saturday, February 18, 2006

Week at a Glance......

WOW, we had a busy week! I usually really don't like to have busy weeks and I try to not schedule things to happen too close together. This one snuck up on me, I didnt realize this week was so crazy until it was here. While I WONT be trying to do it again, we did survive it. We are a family who likes to be home more than we like to be out running around. Having to run around more than two or three times in a week is a lot, and throws our rhythm off. We dug in and got all our plans done and it even went smoothly. I will admit to basically turning into zombie Mommy on Friday afternoon, but it was well earned and the kids all snuggled up with me in bed too. They were just as tired as I was.

So here is a glimpse:

Saturday: Yard work, preparing the space to build the kids a playground. OLYMPICS!!

Sunday: Yard Work, Errands, and had Brother and Sister-in-law over for dinner. OLYMPICS!! I did at least get to see Shaun White soar through the air for gold! Go Tomato Go!!! We also baked cookies and decorate 25 bags for Valentine gifts to share at a party.

Monday: Housework, Science Club about Solar System, and a Valentine PotLuck party. Home for hanging out and some impromptu lessons on cursive and math games. OLYMPICS!!!

Tuesday: Housework, Science Class at museum about Static Electricity for GM and Balance for GD. Then home for a build-your-own pizza party with friends. OLYMPICS, and of course Valentines Day.

Wednesday: Baking Day, we made key lime bars to take to Great-Grandma's house, did our lessons, Great-Grandma's for dinner and I went to a curriculum share with a group I am considering joining. OLYMPICS!!!!

Thursday: We had lessons in the morning, and then ran some errands to get stuff for the Bird party on Friday. In the evening we had friends over for dinner. OLYMPICS!!!

Friday: In the morning we had our Roots & Shoots meeting here. We made various bird feeders from recycled objects and some using things like bagels and garlands. We also made some small wooden bird feeders from kits. It was really a lot of fun. We had 16 kids here and 6 Moms!! GM went to a LEGO Mindstorm class at the Science Museum with his Dad. They love doing that, and GM is getting really good at it. Oh yeah... OLYMPICS!!! And some simple lounging around.

Now today I have some running to do to get ready for the big family birthday party tomorrow. We celebrate once a month for all the relatives who have a birthday that month. This time we have 5 people ranging in age from 2-42. My Brother-in-law is coming to help my husband with getting the concrete out for the playground and I need to clean the house up. Of course this is all while trying to watch as much Olympics as I can.

Tomorrow we have tickets to the theatre to see a cool show with acrobats. The boys will love it and ME will get to play with her Grandma. Monday will be busy too, but then after that we are back to normal! Ahhhhhh

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Coach said...

Do you know what kinds of birds are coming to your feeders? The feeders here (Northern NY, as you know) have more variety than ever this year. They usually attract downy and hairy woodpecker, white-breasted nuthatch, black-capped chickadee, goldfinch, tree sparrow, blue jay, and mourning dove, but this year are also daily drawing red-breasted nuthatch and cardinal. A friend hoisted a deer carcass into the dead elm tree in the backyard--it was probably alive when you were here in 1991--and the woodpeckers, nuthatches, blue jays, and chickadees have told their friends. My mother (some others too) (my Mo and Bro were here last week; she's 94 and living in assisted living in NJ; she's not doing great but is still doing, bless her) doesn't much like the carcass in the tree but the birds seem to love it, treat it like a giant giant enconomy size suet cake. This is the first winter with no purple finch. When you were here there were purple and house finch wintering, but around 2000 a feeder-spread conjunctivitis killed really a lot of house finch, which were uncommon here by 2004, and some purple finch.