Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lessons Update for March 29th

In the woods upon a hill
A spotted fawn in standing still.
While crickets chirp
And birds abound,
The fawn wont move
Or make a sound.
We dont move either-
we dont dare,
But hold our breath
And top to stare

This is our poem for this week. At the end of the week after having shared it for four days, the boys will each draw a picture in their books to share what they thought of the poem. I always look forward to seeing what they had in mind.

We wrote in our journals, GM about the Naturalist Center and GD about being in a jungle with a lion (there goes two weeks of learning about how they live in grasslands and not jungles)...
They each did an activity in their Comprehension books
GM read another chapter of his book, and GD read a little book about animals
They each did their math lessons, Gavin worked on a page about the number 13 while GM did three pages of math including a subtraction practice sheet and a large addition one.
GM entered Hiawatha into his Main lesson book, and did a wonderful job. He is really taking pride in how this unit is coming together.

We are now getting ready to go to Great-Granma's for dinner and will return home tonight to read our nature story about Mr. Squirrel and play some more games of chess before calling it a day.

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