Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekly wrap-up and more new music...

Well, I started going a little nuts with the music yesterday. I havent done it in a while so I was overdue for some fresh music. You have to remember that my ipod is also my motivation machine for housework, which is essential for everything else in our lives. So basically I see having my ipod filled with great music as a duty to my family. Slacking off on that is just not okay! :-)

So here goes...
MORE of The Beautiful Girls (great timeless music)
MORE of Beth Orton
Ludacris (an old fav who keeps me moving)
Edwin McCain
Hot Buttered Rum (some good high-altitude bluegrass)
MORE Indigo Girls
Joe Purdy
John Hiatt
The Wood Brothers (you can FEEL the stand-Up Bass, its wonderful)
So as for our week. Well we have had a nice quiet and relaxing week around here. It has all been about the chickens and taking care of them. When we got them it was very warm out and keeping their temperature between 90 and 95 degrees wasnt an issue. Well, we had a cold snap and so it became quite a big deal to maintain their temperature. We ended up moving them inside our bathroom so they would survive the night. The temperature is only a big deal while they are young, later they can withstand almost any temperature, and certainly any that the southwest would present them.

Our science club was doing a mini-unit on Semiconductors, which sounds really cool, but a bit beyond my kids right now. So I thought it would be a good time to take a little break and not attend for these two weeks. It was nice being home on a Monday, I usually love Mondays, they are so fresh and new. Having to load up and run each week on Monday morning really does throw me off my usual groove, however it is good to start the week off with something that gets us out and about. I actually wish it was the opposite, I wish we were home on Mon, Tues, Wed and had our outings on Thursday and Friday. But, you cant make everything fit perfectly so this is how we roll now. :-)

Tuesday we had Science at the local museum, and the kids had a great time exploring magnets (GD) and kaleidoscopes (GM). ME is getting harder to maintain in her stroller during the class time. She wants to be a part of it so bad. I may end up having to take her to the toddler space and letting her play a bit to get her geebies out. We had to go to the Organic Farm we belong too to pick up our veggies for the week, so we checked out their nesting boxes so we had an idea of what to do in our coop. It was fun to go inside the chicken coop there. It is really big and the hens were so funny. I cant believe how big these tiny little ladies will get.

Wednesday we had some friends over to see the chicks and to visit for a couple hours. It was nice, but we realized it was getting too cold for them in the garage and had to make new arrangements for them in the house. A nice dinner at Great-Grandma's rounded out our day and a quiet evening at home.

Thursday we decided to snuggle up and watch movies. It is really windy and cold and gray outside. A RARE accurance here. We didnt get any of our snow days we had in Virginia, so we decided to make Thursday our snow day. I have always thought of snow days as a gift from mother nature and a forced reminder of what is important. I remember being little and hoping for snow so our life could slow down and I could spend some time with my Mom. So now I treasure those days. Everything stops and plans go to the pot, and you just hang out together. Its the best!!! So we had a desert snowday. It was great.

Today we are cleaning the house, and we are cleaning out the brooder box for the birds. This afternoon GM and I begin our training at the Naturalist Center at our Natural History Museum here in town. We are really looking forward to it. GM woke up this morning and said he was "so excited" to start his trianing. This is huge for him. He is usually much more quiet about his emotions on things like that. So I know he really is looking forward to it. Im looking forward to the time alone with him. I can hardly imagine having three hours with him, just the two of us. It will be fun and good for both of us.

Our weekend will be busy (of course) as we will be working on the yard, attending a family birthday party, and helping some friends with their chicken coop. So it will be fun, a lot of work, and fun again.

My goal is to get things together for a quiet Sunday evening at home. I can see how starting our Monday morning off with a clean house, and a clear mind can really help our week start off right. We will do lessons on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday of next week. GM will work on our next hero Finn MacCool. We will also continue to plan our garden and work on getting our seeds planted in the greenhouse. We have some tomatoes to plant that have been on the International Space Station out in space. We are a part of a study to determine how space effects the seeds and their germination. We will start our study using the ISS seeds and the placebo seeds. It will be fun. I will write more on that soon. :-)

Okay, Im off to jam with my iPod and get some stuff done around here. Have a great Weekend!!!

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Christopher said...

I recommend the Arctic Monkeys and Ulrich Schnauss if you're looking for some interesting music