Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Naturalist Center Docent Training

I am very proud to share that GM and I began our training at the Naturist Center at the local Natural History Museum. He did great and really enjoyed himself. I was thrilled and had a terrific time too. This is a great program where homeschooled children can act as a volunteer at the museum in the naturalist center. They first undergo a training session that runs for six weeks (approximately) where they learn about all the animals and equipment in the center. After we complete that we will then have a shift we work in the Naturalist Center and we get to answer questions, and givelittle talks about the different things in there. It will be such a great thing for GM and I know I will really enjoy it too. We already did our microscopes study and now we are working on our spiders and insects unit. Im hoping we can get through it before we go to our training day again this week. I will take a camera next week to post a picture of GM in his apron, yeah, Im an nerd!!!

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