Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lessons Update for March 28th

Today we got a late start because of a hectic morning and our rhythm being thrown off by important phone calls etc...

However we did well, especially considering it is a bonus day for us as we usually dont do home lessons on Tuesdays. Because of the morning groove being thrown off we decided to wait until after Dad left from his lunch visit to start our lessons. The kids had been outside playing and then had some lunch, so it felt as though we were in a good part of our day to begin. Similar to after breakfast. I have to giggle because it reminds me of double-dutch, you have to stand there for a minute and get the right rhythm going before jumping in, if you get it right, your off and running, if not the rope hits you in the face and your falling down onto concrete. LOL

GM (soon to be nine)
Wrote in his journal and drew a picture
Did two of his math lessons and an extra subtraction practice sheet
completed a reading comprehension activity
Put his entry for Finn MacCool into his Main Lesson Book
Listened to the story of Hiawatha
Read two chapters of his book he chose to read
Printed the pictures he took while we went on an African Safari at the zoo yest
and put them into his Safari guidebook we made

GD (soon to be seven)
Drew a picture in his journal, no words today which is unusual for him
Did one lesson for math about the number 12
Completed a reading comprehension activity
Printed his safari pictures, cut them out, and put them into his guidebook
Played with his numbers blocks making numbers greater than ten and smaller than
Read a short story he chose from our library
Listened to "Mr. Red Squirrel Comes To Live in The Forest"

ME (3.5 yrs old)
Played on the floor alongside of me
got the mail and looked at the pictures in the birthday express catalog
played on the playground
tried to count GD's wooden math blocks with him
Ran around the house having a personal cheese party :-)

We also went to get our veggies from our CSA Farm today, only to realize it isnt our week. We recently went to every other week, and I am too flakey to remember we were just there last week. I think we need to go back to every week, we miss it too much. We did at least get to see what lookedlike a Black Australorp Chicken which is one of the breeds we have, and the donkeys did come by the car to say hello and thanks for coming by.

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