Saturday, March 18, 2006

NPR Radio Interview

So yesterday we got a message from my father to listen to an interview that was done on NPR radio where a 12 year old boy with Asperger's Syndrome interviewed his mother. Now, for some reason I dont do well with things like this. I am super positive and very engrossed in our situation and in what we are doing within our own family. I don't like to hear or watch what others have going on because it somehow muddies the water for me. It is hard to communicate what I mean, because it is so raw, but lets just say I was very hesitant to listen to it. I had my husband listen to it first to be sure it wasnt negative or too scewed in a particular direction. He said it was nice and I went ahead and listened to the four minute interview myself. Of course I cried and cried. I havent ever felt depressed or all sad about our family and our journey with autism or aspergers, it has always been very positive. We as a family really choose to focus on the large amount of positive things that come with autism, and to guide and support the weakness that comes with the package. We have always viewed it that our child is especially blessed and as with all things, with blessings come responsibilities and in this society the social aspects of autism are culturally challenging and so we work our way through it.
But, I can not listen to a 12 year old boy ask his mother if he has been a disappointment, or has lived up to her expectations, or why it seems that everyone likes his little sister more. It crushes my heart. He was so articulate and positive and he sounded so intelligent and happy. His mother seemed very in tune with him and you could hear her love and support in her voice, but still it made me cry.
Check out the interview here, it is really good, and really short.

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