Friday, March 31, 2006

My bum hurts!

Today we had a good morning. We got up at about 6:30am and I started our morning music playing while we had our coffee and breakfast. The boys have adopted a small list of chores they do int he morning, basically making their bed, picking up their toys and opening up their curtains. So they did that while I unloaded the dishwasher and sipped my coffee. By 9am we were ready to get our day rolling with yoga and lessons. I am trying to find a good transition from our regular hanging out into our more focussed time. The yoga works really well, but Im researching ways to have a reminder of our need to focus when we are working on lessons. GM is doing great (ironically enough) it is GD who seems to float above the table in his own little dream bubble. Doodling on his papers and having to be brought back to focus time and time again. He is a dreamy boy, and I love and cherish that about him, but he does need a little more close guidance when it comes to getting through something without drifting off back to dreamland. I will keep reasearching ideas...

After lessons and lunch we went outside for a bit, the kids played on the playground and I made myself something to eat before having to go get ready for our training day at the Naturalist Center. Today GM and I decided to ride our bike to the museum, it isnt far at all, and we have a tandom bike so I dont have to worry about GM going off into traffic. However, MY BUM IS KILLING ME! What is up with that? As a child I could ride my bike all day everyday, and never did my bum hurt, my son was just laughing because his bum didnt hurt. So now here itis Friday evening, I had this great week and Im ready to relax a bit and get some things done around the house, and Im in such pain, its just hilarious. Everyone is teasing me and laughing when I complain about it. Geez, I guess 35 is right around the corner!!!

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