Tuesday, August 15, 2006

September 4th

Well, ironically when I backed out our schedule of blocks for this year and counted backwards from when I want us to be done, put in our breaks and such it turns out the best day for us to begin our lessons is September 4th. The day after Labor Day. I had to laugh at how it falls on the traditional first day of school for most. Although the kids in Albuquerque are ALREADY back to school. Unbelievable but nice too. Now the museum's are less crowded and the normal balance of kids being around the neighborhood during the day is restored.

Anyhow, that is the big change. I wanted to wait until October when the construction should be finished, but with so much to do in Third Grade and with GD now entering fully into First grade material I think I will want to get a full block done before the construction is done and then take a break to move the kids into their new spaces. Continue with the second block after that and wrap that up before Thanksgiving and ME's 4th birthday.

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