Monday, August 14, 2006

Joseph Austin

Well, after a long labor and forming process. Long mainly due to my anticipation and excitement, the countertops are poured and they are GORGEOUS!!! I told Joseph (the guy doing them for us) that I just cant believe that we get to have these beautiful things in OUR home, and it is so true, I cant believe they are ours to keep. :-)

I drew these countertops out over a year and half ago, while still living in VA but struggling with the decision to buy or not buy Manuel's childhood home. The kitchen was essential, as it is in most homes, but in this house it is literally the center of the home. So it had to really work for us. I have wanted concrete countertops for over 7 years now, but could never afford them. Some women love diamonds, I love things like this for my home. I wont set foot into a mall or a hair salon, or worse yet a nail salon!!! But boy, give me some concrete countertops and I am on top of the world!!! LOL

So anyway, here is the deal! Joseph totally rocked this job, he listened to what I wanted, and although unconventional, he was fully on board and really added a lot to the project. He suggested moving the faucet, and adding or stretching a curve here and there. He really took the time to hand smooth them and give me that handwork and sculpted look I wanted. His friend Dana came and helped him to hand pour and finish them (until 2am). It was so fascinating. They really are artists in what they do and I HIGHLY recommend contacting Joseph if you have any concrete needs in the Albuquerque area!!!

Joseph Austin 505-261-3683

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