Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First and Third dont go together

As easily as second and K/1. I have been planning to cover a lot of things with the boys together, but in really looking at it and in trying to determine what will be best for them, I now know I am going to have to really do a lot of different things with them. A lot together still, but there will be full lessons that are meant for GM and some that are for GD. GM is ready to really dig into a lot of grade three material and GD just isnt ready for it yet. He is so enthusiastic about his grade one materials and still has such a hunger for learning that I dont want to overwhelm or flood him with materials he just isnt ready to digest yet. I know that they guage this on their own and can take from it just what is right for them, but I also know that if consistently faced with material that is just undigestable, the child will close that door and lose some of their hunger.

I think I will try to do some seperate blocks with them (one on one) for the first few blocks of this year and if I see that GD is ready to participate (on his own level) with what GM is doing, then I will combine them for a few things. GM can certainly benefit from participating in some of GD's blocks, but at the same time he needs material that nourishes him right now. This is a big year for him and I want to really allow him to fully explore the materials he is developmentally ready for.


APKimberMama said...

Are the boys exactly 2 years apart, or is it closer to 3? A consultation with Beth might be in order, as she generally recommends having children 2 years apart in age (or less) work together. But then the 9 year change is so significant, and that really isn't addressed in the guides.

You must be doing a lot of planning today!

Blissfulbee said...

I have been doing a lot of planning over the past couple weeks, but havent been able to post much on it. Also I had to really think through the decision to split a few fo the topics for the boys. I really believe this is best for things like Cultural Geography and science. First grade just isnt in the right space for these topics to be brought in such depth. However with Grey in the nine yeaqr deal I feel he really needs them. So I cant back off it to accomodate GD, but I also dont want to wake GD before he is ready. He is a very dreamy first grader, and blissfully so. He has no desire to start looking at things in a third grade context.

I do think a consultation would be good, I still havent ever used my free one. But I also think that for a couple subjects they need to be allowed to fully be within their individual developmental spaces.