Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Great Peach Adventure!

Sometimes I forget the curiosity of a three year old child. How that is possible I dont know because ME is the most curious child I have met, and FAR more curious than her brothers EVER were!!!

So why was I surprised when yesterday her brother (GD) came walking down the hall telling me in a sad voice that ME had put his peach in the toilet. This was a brand new peach, he got about two bites out of it so far. Mind you these are the super yummy Colorado peaches that I had just picked up from the farm. So that makes it a double bummer.

I no sooner called out her name when I heard it....yep! She flushed the toilet!!! I ran.... peach was gone and the water level was rising!!!

Luckily I got to the back of the toilet in time to stop the water, but now what???

Lets just say that my husband is quite clever! He removed the toilet from the floor and used a shop vac to blow the peach out of the turning portion of the lower toilet parts. It didnt come flying out or anything but it did unlodge it enough to put a wire hanger down it and stab the peach, pulling it back out.

Thank goodness it wasnt in the plumbing!!!!

Small blessings....

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APKimberMama said...

Ah, I remember it well. Only in our case it was Percy and Edward (trains) flushed down by one boy or the other (they never could decide who). While taking off the toilet rescued Percy (after a major bleach bath) and the toilet, Edward had already made his way to the great roundhouse in the sky...

We've had cloth wipes and underwear go that way to...though luckily never an actual cloth diaper.