Monday, August 21, 2006

Harvesting Peppers and Theatre

Our peppers are growing by leaps and bounds! Unfortunately all the rain will make them quite mild, but these beauties will be perfect for chili rellenos! Nice size and easy to stuff with whatever we want! Now to just get a working range before they loose their freshness. They are all organic, and lovely! Unfortunately an enormous squash bug infestation took out all of our pumpkins and cassava melons! Howver the watermelon is looking quite wonderful! I may open one up for snack later this morning.

As I have posted before attending live theatre productions is a major priority for our family and for the kids. I like to attend about one a month (on average). The Popejoy Hall Schooltime Series is a terrific way to get to take the children to a great live production for a good price. Many of the productions are also performed in the evening for a much larger price and a much longer presentation. The schooltime series is $4.00 per seat and the show runs usually for just an hour. Making it easy for the ME's in the bunch. I just ordered tickets for eight different productions which I felt would be fun for the kids. Now I need to look at their evening series and add in some of the full performances of things that are not offered during the day. I usually only take the boys to the full productions, only because they usually run about an hour before the intermission and then an additional 45 after that. It is just too much for ME. Although by this spring she may be ready.

In the context of the threads which are important to me, theatre is a really big one. I want the kids to not remember a time when they didnt attend live theatre productions and I want them to feel the energy of imagination and artistry that goes into bringing everything together for a full performance. They have loved some and not cared for others, and that is fine. Its about the experience of the moment and taking in what the performers are giving, right in that moment. It can be really inspirational and because it is live I feel it is a form of entertainment that touches them on a much different level than watching a stage performance which has been recorded. It is just important. Really important!


Mama Chaos said...

I wish we had a theator group here, the closest we have is the high school putting on a play about once a year. I miss going to see live productions when I was in college. I still remember weaping at Rent.

APKimberMama said...

Live entertainment is also important to us. I want my children to know that real people do this; it is not all Hollywood and slick CDs. The great thing about our summer festival is that a wide variety of performances are offered.