Monday, December 11, 2006


Last week was wild. We started our week off with our visit to find Australian animals that live at our local zoo, followed Wednesday by a visit to the bosque with our Roots & Shoots group and topped off with ME's Pink Poodles in Paris birthday party. It was quite the week!!!

Im looking forward to getting back to normal this week. We had our Science Coop planning meeting and winter party today. It went well and it sort of kicked off our holiday season. We wont have Science again until after the new year. The break is nice although we miss our friends.

This week we will be getting back into the swing of life. Hopefully easing back into lessons and getting our house ready for the holidays. Decorating for all the winter festivities. Im really looking forward to all of it!!!!!!

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APKimberMama said...

Happy Birthday ME!

I am trying so hard to get us back into a rhythm! It tough; I don't have the same resolve, motivation, energy...I'm not sure what.

We haven't decorated yet either, but will hopefully start tomorrow. Heck, we still need to take down our pumpkins and pumpkin windsock from Halloween!

Here's to normal, whatever that is!