Friday, December 01, 2006

My life has not been my own!

There just is no other way to describe it. My life has been nothing more than a long, long, long to-do list and the only way to regain control over it is to finish the list. I am having the hardest time with the whole thing. I feel like I set up my life to be really simple, uncomplicated and by all means not filled with to-do lists, yet here I am.

We have been under FULL construction for a few months now. It has really been very hard on all of us. Worth it? yes, it really will be; but WOW I didnt foresee the amount of chaos it would bring into our lives.

We are getting closer to normal everyday and especially lately. We have about 6 or 7 large in-house projects to complete and then the interior of the house will be settled. The yard and garage will take a bit longer. Im hoping by Christmas.

I really have missed getting to write in this way. I have barely seen my computer, much less gotten to sit and type on it. LOL

Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to normal and I am even hoping to get back to lessons on Monday. We really miss it and need it!!!!


Mama Chaos said...

I hope things quickly get back to normal for you all!

APKimberMama said...

It's great to see you posting again; I check your blog everyday.

We're gearing up for lessons again as well. We read today and I have the next 3 weeks all planned out. My boys desperately need the structure and rhythm.