Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Spring Fever and our new gardens!

Well we all have spring fever around here so the hammers are pounding, the garden smells of manure and the kids are filthy. Life is good! We have been unbelievably busy like little bees working on our hive for the coming winter, accept in our case it's all about working on our house and our gardens. I am BEYOND excited for this years garden. I will admit I even have dreams about it. Geez, I need to get a life!! But actually this is such a great way to live, I think I will keep the one I have. We have seedlings beginning their little sprouting journey in the greenhouse, and a huge mountain of organic soil in the driveway. Im just waiting on my driptape to begin laying the irrigation and then we can begin to plant all our direct seed crops. GM is doing wonderfully with it all and is so anxious to see those first seelings begin to peek out of the soil. He was so careful to plant them at the right depth and taking care to cover them so gently. It is nice to see him care so much about something that doesnt involve a LEGO or something else of the sort. He is looking forward to planting the rest of the seeds which have to be direct seeded into their places in the garden, and so am I. We will have so much fun with it this year and Im really looking forward to all we learn through the process. It will be a terrific year!!

Here are some links to help with questions etc...


The last few are from a sheet I got at an Organic Gardening class Itook at Los Poblanos here in town a few weekends ago. It was a great class and small enough to actually get some answers to your questions. Greyson starts his classes there at the end of May and they run through early September. It will be a great summer for him.

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