Thursday, April 27, 2006

Happy 35th, No More Excuses!!

I turned 35 in early April and while I am not really into age (although that was much easier to say when I was always the youngest in the crowd) this was an interesting birthday. It's the "put up or shut up" birthday. No more excuses, all done planning, all those "one days" and "when I grow ups..." are here, today, right now. The twenties are great, they are all about being a kid in an adults body. You can fluff things off, you can jump in your car and drive across country, you can sleep in after a long night, you can put it all off until tomorrow. Tomorrow's are seemingly endless when your in your 20's and apparently even into your early 30's! I was thrilled to turn 30, I felt like the appetizers were good, but bring on the filet, its time to dig in to the really good stuff. The stuff that fills you up and helps determine whether or not you will even have room for desert!! I am loving my 30's and enjoying the everyday life of being a mother and a "homemaker" and feeling alright about having a solid opinion. I especially love that I really like my life. That sounds so shallow and naive to say, but if you knew the road I took to get here you would understand how grateful I am to be able to say that! I really love my life. I love that I am finally able to stop striving constantly to create something that isnt real for me and my family. That we can just be and that is enough. I love feeing content, and feeling satisfied. It has taken so long to get here and I am really enjoying it. Thirty-five is amazing so far (all two weeks of it). Sort of like those first bites of a creamy garlic mashed potato. We'll see how I feel once the plate grows cold and Im out of sauce!

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