Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Girls!

Well, the girls have grown quite a bit! GM is just in love with each and every one of them and really enjoyes getting to share them with his friends and family who come to visit. He is our little Chicken Docent ready to explain to anyone the varieties of breeds we have, and their names and personality types as long as you will listen. He enjoys passing many hours just hanging out int he coop with them, stroking their necks while they fall asleep on his lap. It is such a fantastic thing to be able to see so much wonder and happiness in his eyes when he is with them. Living right near downtown, it is great to be able to have them here and as a part of our family. Even my husband adores them now. He was sceptical, but has since admitted that they are great and that they have already added so much tothe richness of our life without even harvesting one single egg yet. We got the girls set up in their yard and gave them a wonderful tree to relax in its shade.

We decided to paint the coop a bright blue as a homage to Frida Kahlo and her beautiful blue house in Mexico. One of the Black Australorps is named Frida, and if by chance one of our girls turns out to be a guy we will likely call him Diego. :-)

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