Thursday, April 27, 2006

Folk Art

Early April had us visiting the International Museum of Folk Art on Museum Hill in Santa Fe. An amazing museum filled with interesting collections from all over the world. The kids love going here and especially enjoy all the miniature village collections which show off the folk art from a varitey of cultures. This was a tour I had set up a while back in order to see their Dream On exhibit which profiles the many ways in which people sleep all over the world. The kids could relate to this, because of course they sleep, and seeing how it is done in such a variety of ways was really cool. This was our fourth or fifth visit to the museum and as such GM was able to get a t-shirt. We usually have tovisit somewhere (accessable) multiple times before we can get a t-shirt, it works for us and he has a lot of pride in a shirt once he gets it. He has been especially excited about the shirt from this museum because it is so cool. I must admit it was hard for me not to get it sooner, but now I'm glad we waited.

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