Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday *Staging Day*

Growing up in the restaurant/food service industry I am familiar with the idea of a staging area. An area where you have all your supplies and needs set up for quick access and a seamless feel to an event. You will have your coffee cups, your extra napkins, the service setups for the next phase of an event.

Well, I have decided that this is what I need for our life. A staging area, or beter yet, a staging day. A day where we get the house to a balanced level, I have materials gathered and ready for classes, projects, upcoming events and lessons. I have a master list of things that need to be done and all shopping or organizing done.

enter... SUNDAY!!

So, we spend Saturday much like a weekday, the kids have classes and volunteer work and we try to do some sort of family fun thing in the afternoon. So, that leaves me Sunday to get everything gathered and ready for the next week. I will admit to blowing the morning hours on coffee, chatting with my husband and goofing off on the computer, but now it is time to dig in!!

Here is the list...
  • Laundry all caught up and put away
  • Dishes done and put away
  • Dinners planned out for the week
  • Bathrooms cleaned
  • Floors all vacuumed and mopped
  • House dusted
  • Study cleaned completely
  • Porch plants all watered
  • Chicken Coop cleaned out
  • Bunny hutches cleaned out
  • Bed linens washed
  • Fridge Cleaned out
  • Butterfly unit planned and printed
  • G2's Harry Potter Exercise planned
  • M's craft materials gathered
  • Get performance ticket check ready to mail
  • Pay Bills
  • Charge Camera
  • Clean out my car
  • Buy paint for dining room

OK, so that should do it. Oh yeah, and Feed the Baby!!

I will change the color of each item as it is completed. I think green for GO will be a good choice.

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