Saturday, October 04, 2008

Our week

Well, I had tried to make entries for each day of the week, and you can see how unsuccessful that was. So I thought I would do a weekly recap instead.

So on Monday...

  • bosque hike to find tadpoles

  • science class at museum

  • jazz ensemble


  • math homework for G1

  • Plant cell diagram G1

  • Spanish vocab work at G1

  • International Harry Potter cover activity G2

  • Make your own cover for HP book G2

  • Math G2

  • Frog LifeCycle mobil with M

  • Housework for Mom

  • Fencing

  • Jazz Ensemble

  • dinner with FIL and BIL


  • Lessons at home

  • Math class

  • Library for lessons for G2 and M

  • Using a Thesaurus to expand vocab and writing tools for G2

  • Math lessons 9-11 for G2

  • Phonics lessons 6-12 for M

  • Library time to check out books

  • Great Grandma's for family dinner


  • Health with G1 (Body in Numbers)

  • Reading for G2

  • Free-play for M


  • drumming lesson for G1 and G2

  • fencing


  • Hiking with RGRS to monitor 45 trees we planted last spring

  • housework

  • cooking with Maggie (pot of beans)

  • rock climbing

  • fencing

Then today we have...

  • Balloon Fiesta Watching

  • Pre-historic Preschool for M

  • Naturalist Center Volunteering for G1 & G2

  • Armory clinic for G1 and Dad

  • Greek Festival in the Afternoon

  • HOME!!!!

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