Thursday, October 02, 2008

October Goals for our Homeschooling...

I LOVE making lists, setting goals and mapping out a plan to success. I can sit and work out every detail of how to be at point B by a certain date. It is similar to my love of school supplies; that fresh, hopeful beginning. Ahhh, it is wonderful how a clean slate can inspire us!

Then there is the reality that if I spent half the time I use up with all my planning on DOING, I would really be a successful person. LOL Hey, at least I have half of the program down, maybe I will just continue to "fake it, till I make it."

Well, since I am using this blog as a way to hold myself accountable, I think I will try to set some goals on here and track our progress. It is irrelevant if anyone actually reads this, it is just the point of putting it out there and using the posts as a measure and deadline for our lessons and other family goals.

So, here goes...

October 2008 goals per child...


  • Math 7/6 he is almost finished with it, but we need to knock out a few more lessons to really be able to close the book on it.

  • Ancient Egypt the next civilization in the Oak Meadow 6 book

  • Continue to make A's in math class, doing homework and completing quizzes (without me)

  • Biology unit from Real Science 4 Kids along with lesson expansions (drawings and detail exercises)

  • Continue Jazz Ensemble

  • Continue Drumming

  • Continue Fencing

  • Flag bearer and Prayer leader at toastmasters meeting

  • Continue Science class

  • Volunteer at WRI and Nat Center

  • RGRS projects and hiking

  • Read a chapter a day of Redwall

  • Four units of health program

  • Complete Engineering Team Challenge

  • Attend theatrical performance


  • Harry Potter Guide book *finish lessons for Sorcerer's Stone

  • Read books for book club and participate in the games

  • Finish Chamber of Secrets

  • Dig into math, we are restarting Math 3 after being half way through it. We have a "hole" in our ability with this and the only way I can find it is by starting over again and taking it much slower. I will also research different math programs that might better suit him.

  • continue rock climbing

  • continue jazz ensemble

  • continue drumming lessons

  • Complete Biology from Real Science 4 Kids along with expansions

  • Continue working on SOTW History book, complete Egypt and next civilization in program.

  • Begin participating in toastmasters meeting

  • RGRS projects

  • Volunteering at Nat Center

  • Bunny responsibilities (ours and his bunny sitting responsibilities)

  • Spanish vocabulary, family, numbers, people...

  • Science class
  • Attend theatrical performance


  • Up to lesson 50 in Phonics program

  • complete life cycle studies and projects

  • begin unit on Autumn and the seasons

  • weekly painting project

  • RGRS projects

  • science class

  • Prehistoric Preschool

  • Work on cooking skills (math)

  • Help with all animal care

  • Early math activities

  • Geography practice with continents and animals who live there

  • explore some music instruments, trying to find one that interests her

  • attend a theatrical performance

  • learn to sew or knit (I will see what interests her more)

Im reading her list and I realize it sounds so sexist. But it is important to note that both the boys did the cooking and sewing when they were younger too. :-)


  • basically continue to be a cutie pie and being drug around town to all his siblings stuff!


  • Yes, I have to have goals for me too, things I need to do that relate to our homeschooling success...

  • Teach butterfly unit to our science group

  • Lead and coordinate activities for RGRS

  • Organize our paint stuff for M

  • Feed the baby

  • Cut the boys hair

  • Make dentist appointments for me and the kids

  • Make Dr.s appointment for O and Me

  • Kids and I need to clear the summer garden beds

  • G1 and I need to repair the greenhouse door and plant some seeds for experiment

  • Clean out our homeschool supply closet

  • Clean out my art studio stuff

  • develop the next phase of G2's Harry Potter Curriculum

  • Lead the Engineering Team unit for October

  • develop M's next science lessons from Littlest Scientist books my mom sent

  • Make Halloween costumes

  • Decorate for Halloween

  • plan Thanksgiving and activites leading up to it

  • Make holiday lists for each child and figure out a budget

  • Help in launching Homeschool Art classes with the old Art Museum teacher

  • Develop writing club for young homeschoolers with a friend

  • maintain the house

  • change over clothing from summer to winter

OK, that seems like most things off the top of my head. Wish me luck. I will post a weekly update to keep myself on track.

(Yes my list is muddy with Mom stuff and lesson stuff, but that is just the reality of my life)

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