Friday, February 16, 2007

Update on our choices with GM

Okay I feel I have had enough time to absorb and process this new advice and have decided that we owe it to him to give it a try. Simply because it may make a great improvement in his daily life and we cant keep that potential from him. I will be really keeping an eye on things and watching for that point when the interventions have become more of a hindrance than the diagnosis is. I know it exists, but we havent come across it yet.

So we have been Casein Free for over a week and he didnt starve to death, so that is a good thing. I made him some delicious brownies which really boosted his idea of how this was going to be, and he likes the Rice Dream Vanilla and hasnt complained once about it not being "real milk". We did find a cheese substitute which we have managed to melt quite nicely for a quesadilla or pizza and that has helped tremendously. The first pizza was a huge flop, but the second seemed to go over fairly well. He hasnt had pizza in the way others eat it in so long that I dont think the comparison is still there and that helped out a lot. Although he did really love the Rice Crust frozen pizzas from the coop. :-(

We will do this for a while, and begin the Diflucan for yeast either next week or the one after that. We might visit with family next week and I dont want him to be an emotional mess from yeast die-off, so it depends on what we do with those plans. His stool has been much better lately, so Im hoping that the gfcf, enzymes and probiotics are helping with the yeast already and we can have the Diflucan come in and kick it's butt on out of there! :-)

Once we have done these two things, then I will start him on the fish oil and the Curcumin, along with slowly starting his other supplements, followed after by the Methyl B-12 injections. I want to be sure this is the right route first and feel I need more time to research and process the info I receive.

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Angela said...

Hi! I found your blog while searching for Enki homeschooling info and see that you are also gfcf with your son. :) My son has been gfcf since age 2, and we have never looked back! :) It is worth it! I wanted to mention that I believe Rice Dream contains a small amount of gluten unless that has changed recently. You can call the company to verify. That tiny bit can be enough to undo the good changes. I am guessing your son is probably TV and electronic toy free (or mostly). We turned the TV off (son is 4) sang goodbye to it, and our son has improved even more. Reading about Enki homeschooling has been like reading about many of the things I've thought would be great for our children. I wish I could see it in practice & hope to glean from your experience here on your blog! Thank you for sharing! We are Christians, and our relationship with God is central to our lives. Do you have an opinion on whether Enki could work for us in light of the spiritual side or is there much "worship" of things other than Jesus? Thank you! :)