Monday, February 19, 2007

Truck Shopping

Well, my husband has wanted a truck since I met him fifteen years ago. He drove a really horrible old Toyota Supra for years that smoked and was so bad that I couldn't even ride in it when pregnant because it leaked so much exhaust into the cabin area that it made me sick and concerned for the baby. Everyone who actually worked for him drove FAR better vehicles and still, he didn't complain (too much). We bought a used Volvo station wagon and I drove that with the baby while he drove the toxic mobile each day commuting in the DC metro area. Then we finally got a larger vehicle for him to use for work, but the gas was so expensive for it that he gave it to me with the boys and one more on the way, and he drove the old Volvo, which by this time had a lot of issues of its own. But still, he did it because it made sense and it was what we could afford. That one finally died and we ended up buying another one that was less than the repair cost of the first one, so he was set again (sort of).

Finally we moved and when we got here he treated himself to a 1976 Ford F150, all green, and dubbed "the Hulk". While fun, this puppy gets maybe 10 miles to the gallon and has left him stranded here and there about town. The other Volvo died too, so now here we are ... truck shopping!

My only issue with this is the fuel economy. It's not the cost, its the environment that concerns me, so we have agreed to go with a flex-fuel or bio-diesel vehicle that will at least be less of an environmental nightmare!

I hope he loves this thing, he will be driving it for a LOOOOONG time!!! :-)

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