Friday, January 13, 2006

Thursday and my Hot Date

This was a "rest day" for our Budokon, so I slept in a bit until 7am. The kids slept in even longer, so I was able to gather our stuff and get ready for our morning lessons. In all my cleaning frenzy on Tuesday I actually moved all the furniture in the living room and vacuumed under it (after sorting all the stuff that was "hiding under there"). This is big, and I will tell you why, now when the kids are up and ready for their yoga, I can just slide the furniture out of the way, and BAM a nice clean open space for them to work in. Trust me, this makes me smile!! Here goes...

Morning Lessons:

Yoga : We do a rather gentle Sun Salutation, and some poses that are meant to aid in concentration and calmness.

Meditation: Again today I read the Robert Frost poem "Dust of Snow".

Journals: The boys each wrote in their journals, and drew pictures to accompany what they had written.

Story time: Again I read Snow Moon to the boys, we read the same book twice to "hear" it in a different way after having slept with it for a night. The boys then Good Books and drew a picture that made them think of something from the book and wrote a line from the book on the opposite page. Today they each wrote "there from all around the sleeping world, hundreds of owls twisted and twirled across the moonlit sky".

Math: today is a light math day, only a single page. GM did the reverse side of his Saxon sheet, which is the same thing he did yest, but slightly different for practice. GD Did a math puzzle on the floor.

LA: Today is a heavy LA day, so they each did reading comprehension pages in their books. GM has Aspergers Syndrome so comprehension is a huge issue for him. It is really important to practice it as much as we can. I wouldnt be doing this with him so early, but he reads pragraphs as though they are lists and comprehends none of it. This helps him to practice reading for comprehension and seems to work for now. I found some workbookie books at the local teaching supply store and bought them thinking i could use them here and there to fill in, plus I have a book issue where I have a hard time NOT buying them. Anyway, I like them. They arent just tidbits of a story as a single paragraph. Rather they are a continuous story so they will read a few paragraphs of a story and then stop to answer the corresponding questions. Then the next time they do it, the story continues. In the end they will ahve read a nice little story. Mainly fluff mind you, but still it is more interesting then just some random paragraph. After this GD did a sentence building puzzle which he really enjoys, and GM wrote out his twenty word spelling practice list. I dont give hime spelling tests but rather have him use them until I am sure he has them down. This list is harder though, so we'll see. I also had him do some exercises to try to find the missing word in a sentence. You know, the pick a word from the box type of thing. I again dont really like these types of activities, but it helps him to take in what he is reading and have to absorb it enough to figure out what is missing. He really struggles with it, so we only do two of them.

Reading: They each get a book to share with us. GM and GD

ME managed to rack up some pretty good damage to the house, so I then go and start to pick up from her little fiesta.

The boys then sit down with their lunches to watch "The Frog Prince" from the old Fairy Tale Theatre shows. By the way, they cuss. didnt really think that was gonna be on there, but it didnt take from the story, and the kids didnt even notice.

My husband came home for lunch so we had a big salad and visited a bit before he had to go back. Its nice because he gets to come home everyday now. This is great compared to before we moved and we didnt see him at all until about 7:30 or 8pm each night.

Well tonight is a big night because GD has asked me out on a date. We did this before a while back and he still talks about it. So he was really looking forward to it and was all dressed to go when he got up this morning. :-) Im talking dinner jacket and all!! We had quite a bit of time though, so I used it wisely! I put the baby down for a nap, got the boys situated and watched a movie in my room. Mind you I can never get through a whole movie without about ten pauses and rewinds, but hey, its the only way I see anything anymore. After that I talked to a good friend back east and we had phone drinks. Again, the only way I get a drink anymore. :-)

Once my husband got in I was off on my date with GD. He took me to see Narnia and to Olive Garden for "spaghetti". His favorite!! I love doing that. He is just so proud and happy to be out with me all on his own. He paid for my iced tea (I gave him $$) at the theatre and held the tickets. He is a good date too, such a gentleman. He had already seen Narnia with Daddy, so he was kind enough to waqrn me when a "scary" part was coming, and tell me that "its okay Mama, Aslan will be okay".. it was just too cute. I wish I could bundle up times like that and save them for another day, so I can open them up and enjoy them all over again. It sure is all going really fast!!

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