Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Solar Power, Happy Birthday Dad and todays lessons

Yesterday was our first Science Club meeting after the holidays and the weeks of illness that has attacked our home. We went to a talk one of the other families had set up at the Wild Oats store meeting room. A wonderful guy came and shared a lot of great info with the kids about solar energy, conservation and gave them a lot of good ways to cut back on energy consumption. The boys loved it! Not only was he a good speaker, but he had lots of cool gadgets to show them, which is always a hit. GM was happy to see that he had a fan that worked the same way his water powered clock works. I was thrilled when he actually raised his hand to share that he had a clock like that too. He is very shy in group settings, so this was great. Of course I forgot my wallet and so after the meeting we headed home instead of having lunch or getting anything else done. GM is really excited because we set up a playdate with another family that he really enjoys. There are pictures of the presentation on the shutterfly site.

Happy Birthday Tupa!!
Today is my father's birthday! GM is making him a geometric card from his set he likes so much. Maybe I will get a picture of it before he sends it off.

Today's Lessons
Well we got a late start today, because I was tired and slept in a bit more. BUT, this didnt change our success rate. Today GM read his first level 2 book. 47 pages and he did it all in one sitting, and without complaining. I asked him when he was just over half way through it if he wanted to save the rest for tomorrow, and he CHOSE to read on!! WOOHOO!!!! We have laid off reading for about two years now, only doing it to read instructions, cards, or things he did on his own. His Kindergarten class ruined reading for him and I knew if we just gave it time he would return to it again. I am hoping we are on the right track, at least today was a great success. The book is called Baby Wolf, I chose one to give him that was something he had an interest in. GD read half of a book called A Penguins Tale He did so well, but was tired after having done his math, so we stopped when I could see he wasnt so "into it". He loves the story though so I have a feeling he will return to it before the end of the day.

Our Day
Poem "The Snowflake"
Music Practiced whole, half and quarter notes, began learning Mary Had a Little Lamb on our lap harps.
Story I read the title tale from "The Day It Snowed Tortillas".
Math GM did a Math Path Puzzle, and three pages of his saxon 2, then chose to do a workbook page and to make up his own Math Path Puzzle. GD did some matching, and early addition using objects and drawings.
Reading As I described above.

We are now off to eat lunch, and have some quiet, free time. Dad will be here any minute for lunch. So far its been a good day. Accept after he leaves I have some cleaning to do. Im charging my ipod though!!!!

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