Sunday, January 22, 2006

Roller coaster week...

Well it seems that sometimes it is the Mom who has the learning to do. We had a terrific week, however Thursday was a bit tough on GM and me. I made several mistakes in a row, and rather than listening to my instincts (something i usually do pretty well with) I thought I would just try to push through it. Of course it backfired horribly and ended our lessons with tears (mine). Mistake number one, we were really tired, this is usually okay for them, because I can see they are tired and guage our rhythm and my choices around it, but when Im tired, my judgement is off. I had no patience, and it showed. Mistake number two, I gave GM four pages in a book that is set up poorly. I knew it would be challenging and instead of saving it for a day when I had patience, I pushed. Mistake number three, I allowed my goals to rule our day rather than allowing the kids to take in what worked for them.

I lost site of why I am doing this and allowed myself to get swept up in our weeks success. Well, I did learn a lot. Mostly things I have learned through the years, but for some reason tend to forget. GM came out of it just fine, and we are back on track. Sometimes that is the hardest part (for me it usually is). I decided to have the kids do some activities around the house while I cleaned up and rested a bit. We woke up on Friday refreshed and ready to go.

The boys dont have lessons on Friday so they worked on other things around the house, their hobbies and interests drove them around the house while I focussed on cleaning ME's room. WOW, did it feel good! I worked and worked, and finally got her set up with a nice little place to call her own and enjoy. She hadnt had a real room since we moved here because storage and organization has been such a challenge. She loves it so much and has been playing in there nonstop!!

Saturday I turned my focus to the boys room, another temporary set up, that lacked focus and organization. I started in the morning before breaking for a few hours to go to my MIL's birthday party. It was a nice party and the kids were terrific!! they had a good time and my husband really enjoyed visiting with his uncles and brother. After that, and here is the big challenge, I CONTINUED cleaning the boys room all afternoon and evening!!! I finished it, accept washing their rug and hanging their curtains to block their closet off. They really like it too, GM actually hung up his clothes before bed, which was BIG!!!

Im looking forward to this coming week. The house is getting more organized, the kids are used to our routine and they start their science class on Tuesday. I know they will love it because it is at their favorite place to visit. GM has a one day (two hour) class on Dirt on Friday that he is really looking forward to too, as well as a playdate. Here's hoping for a good week!

I am updating the house pictures album on shutterfly. I added pics of the main bathroom, the boys room, and ME's room. I still have some things to do in there, and will update the pics as i do them. Also pictures of our work from the week and visiting with Grandma on her birthday.

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Coach said...

Damn Kari, I like this. I'll be a little slow learning to buzz around the site, but I expect to come back off and on at least. Are these four sentences enough for you to recognize me? I used a boyhood nickname--when I was first given it I was being mocked for knowing so little about football strategy--as my username.