Tuesday, September 05, 2006

In the groove again

Wow, the past few weeks have really been insane. Worth it, but really just overload, every day!!!! My goal was to get the inside of our house done (ish) by today so we could start our lessons. Here we are, and with the exception of putting some things back together and away, we made it! It has really been a race to the finish. I have been pretending in my mind that we are on an episode of Trading Spaces or one of those shows where you do a ton of projects in one day to meet the deadline. It sort of worked. :-)

So we are moving right along and really enjoying the results of everything. The lights in the kitchen are wonderful, I can finally see in here. The countertops rock and Im loving the new space they give me for things like baking and having my laptop near by with my coffee. I fel like it is my domestic headquarters now. LOL I can bake, clean, pay bills, have coffee and work from the heart of the house. I love it. We got the viga in and stained and it is wonderful. One thing I really insisted on was haveing a viga in our home. I just couldnt imagine living in New Mexico without one. A viga is basically a large column that is a tree without bark. They are beautiful and SO New Mexico. Due to the fact that our home will have more of a Northern New Mexico style , we had to use a square cut viga instead of a round one to go with that style. The round is more of a pueblo style, so it would have looked awkward and forced. So square it is, but I still love it!!!

Anyway, on to today and this week...

I am having my coffee and reviewing my plan for today until about 9am. Then we will start our day with a walk, well I will just list it...
  • Walk around the neighborhood
  • Begin lessons with our journal writing
  • While GM does math I will read "Little Falcon" to GD
  • Indep Reading
  • Play a game together
  • Lunch
  • Go to the Bosque for a nature exploration afternoon
  • Home
  • Quiet time
  • Practice Time (math work)
  • Free time
  • Make track molds from local animals
  • Dinner
  • Evening Rhythm

We arent doing a full lessons day today, because we do better easing into things a bit, but tomorrow will be better, with movement and the beginning of the Geo block.

I will write later to see how we did.

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Nanda Mama said...

Thanks for posting this. It really helps me get a sense of how to organize our day. I am still overwhelmed by the Enki material having just started a week and a half ago, knowing we wouldn't start lessons until past the equinox. Hopefully our groove will arrive in October!