Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Day in the Life...

Today we really began our full lesson cycle. I thought I would post our day, just to share with those who are curious and of course the family and friends who are checking in from tie to time.

So today we...
  • got up had coffee (well, I did)
  • Tended the chickens
  • Made and ate gf pancakes
  • Cleaned up the kitchen and did our morning chores
  • went for a walk around the neighborhood
  • Did our yoga and movement activities for a start to our day
  • Wrote in our journals
  • GM did some math
  • GD and I read the first part of Little Falcon
  • GD read the first chapter of Mouse Tales
  • GM read another chapter of his third grade reader
  • We read How The Tewa's Found Their Way Home.
  • Went to the park
  • Went to the store for some new Good Books and a new Learning Candle
  • Went to the Farm for our veggies
  • Came home did our independent study work
  • Made dinner (grilled salmon and fresh salad)
  • Read GD the second half of Little Falcon

Tonight we will play a game and the kids will hear a story from Dad. Likely another Jataka tale. Then it is off to bed by 8pm. (Im hoping)

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