Sunday, April 01, 2007

Santa Fe Fencing Tournament Y8-Y10

GM had his first Foil tournament in Santa Fe a couple weekends ago. He was such a great sport and had a lot of fun. He even made some new friends. The kids who were from the NMFC were all really welcoming and nice to the DCF kids.

We are so happy with GM's fencing and all that it has brought to his life. I was really hesitant to let him start fencing, I pictured kids hitting one another randomly and coming home with bruises and hurt feelings. It is SO not like that! The level of control and honor that comes with the sport has really made this one of the best things we have ever chosen to do with him. He focusses, he shakes the coaches hand and says thank you after each class, he remembers to salute the opponent and the referee. It is such a sport of gentlemen, and ladies. :-)

So for this first Foil tournament, lets just say I was NERVOUS! I wanted it to go well for him, which doesnt mean winning, he could be in last place and still be thrilled, but just not humiliated. I was nervous for no reason at all. It went so well, and he really enjoyed the entire process. He even was able to win a few bouts, including one against a team mate who is really really good. So he was on top of the world. He ended up in fifth place, and was just tickled about the outcome!!

We will be doing more tournaments in the future!! It was such a positive experience for all of us.


Organic Mama said...

Hi I just wanted to introduce myself. We just recently moved to Santa Fe and are Enki Homeschoolers. I have seen your post on the Holistic Family yahoo email group and think I have heard your voice on previous enki conference calls. We should try to meet sometimes. Check out my blog at or email me at
My husband used to fence too and we would like to get our boys involved in the club here.

Jennifer said...

Hi Kari,

I just wanted to let you know that the address/name on my blog has changed since I'm listed in your links. It used to be Learning Without Limits, but it has changed to:
Tree of Life Homeschool


Sara said...

It's so hard to watch your kids "performing," isn't it? Sounds like he's doing so well!

I've tagged you over at my blog. Play along if you want. :-)

Salihah סליחה صالحه said...

Awesome!! I surfed in off the MDC Bloggin' Mamas blogroll, love your blog!

Peace, love, joy always!